21 year old Tattoo artist, designer and owner of Studio Shin, Sara Kori began tattooing only 3 years ago at the renowned Noam Yona Studio in Givatayim, where she apprenticed and worked for 2 years. Today, Sara’s aesthetic is instantly recognizable for her trademark minimalistic and precise fine lines. Her tattoos have become a staple of the young and thriving Tel Aviv culture, while she continues expanding globally. Her works in the 2016 Amsterdam Tattoo convention and at the 'Nice Tattoo Parlor' in New York in 2018, were only the beginning of Sara’s growing brand. In 2018, Sara opened Studio Shin, one of the premier tattoo shops in the country.


Tattoo artist Omer Halevy began tattooing a year ago by Sara when Studio Shin opened its doors. Omer’s style is characterized by lines of varying thicknesses, filling techniques, and blackwork.